Margarita Village For Encore in 2017

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Beach inspired accommodation from one of Jimmy Buffet’s themed resorts!
Some great news for Jimmy Buffet music fans, and those that love to escape to a music filled tropical retreat, where it’s always 5pm! ¬†Soon you will be able to enjoy fabulous vacation at Margarita Village Orlando!

Located over at the South East corner of the intersection between the 429 and 192, the new resort is only 5 minutes away from Walt Disney World!
For more information, head over to the Margarita Village Blog for up to date news and details of what’s in store for vacationers.
This really does look to be one of the best themed resorts we’ve ever seen and even Universal must be wondering how they let this one go!

As soon as we know more about the luxury homes and vacation rentals and condos at the Margarita Village Resort, we will be first to update our blog!

Meet Sharon Harley From Jeeves Management +Tips On Choosing A Property Manager

A cool video from Ditmar Realty with Jeeves President Sharon Harley offering a great insight about choosing the right property manager for your luxury home in Central Florida.
Some key highlights of the video are;

  • Intro from Ryan Ditmar – President of Ditmar Realty
  • Intro from Sharon Harley – President of Jeeves Holiday Homes
  • Managers must have;
    • Good local knowledge for best advice on;
      • Attraction information
      • Restaurants
      • Resort Amenity info
      • Nearest and best medical centres
      • Pharmacies
      • Child care centres
  • Jeeves Quick Facts
    • Jeeves currently manages over 200 homes
    • From 1 bed condos to 14 bedroom mansions
  • The Difference Jeeves make
    • Jeeves always like to say ‘yes’ to offering custom services to guests
    • Private specialist¬†chefs
    • Private butler
    • Baby sitting services
    • Concierge for small corporate events and special occasions
    • Experts at taking care of visiting sporting teams
    • Large homes are much more preferable to multiple hotel rooms

If you are looking for the perfect property manager for your luxury home or condo in Central Florida, Jeeves are certainly the leaders in caring for you, your home and your guests!

Call us on 407 704 8986 for more information or email us at

Official Summer Newsletter From The Encore Club

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.03.01 AM
Click here to open the full pdf version!

The Summer Edition of the Encore Club Newsletter is out.

Click to open the pdf version: Encore_Newsletter Summer 2015.pdf
The 6 page flyer includes some great visuals, along with some news of key additions to the new staff members that have recently joined the Encore Club Team.
It’s often the case that during the early part of a resort’s creation, the focus is on construction, but it’s always great to meet the people that will be operating the resort and helping owners¬†with furnishing selections for their fabulous new investments in Central Florida.
Peter Gillette heads up the operations as General Manager, and Angela Hurst will be taking lead of the home design.
News of 6 model homes opening shortly offers a boost for the ever busy Encore sales team, as they prepare for a very busy fall and holiday season at the Encore Club.

For more information;

Lauren Arcaro

India Asunto

Angela Hurst

Peter Gillette

Tel: 407.396.9000

Jeeves Holiday Homes
407 704 8986

Encore Club – Quick Aqua Park Update

ENC_amenity aqua waterpark_aerial_6.8.15-2That exciting new water park is expected to be ready over the coming winter and we can’t wait to splash around in that gorgeous Florida sunshine at the Encore Club at Reunion.
The Aqua Park is going to be a huge crowd pleaser and we believe that the tallest ‘Aqua Drop’ slide will top out at a very respectable 50ft, offering a daredevil experience for vacationers staying in our luxurious Encore Club Vacation Homes.
If you love the convenience of being close to Disney, the Encore Club is not only a short drive away (Less than 10 minutes), but the resort will boast fabulous amenities, including a rather grand and elegant main resort building, for check-in, concierge, dining and recreation.

The Encore Club team have truly excelled in bringing this upscale gated community into life and looks set to become the destination of choice for vacationers looking for luxury accommodation, in a spectacular community.

As soon as we know more about the Aqua Drop, at the Encore Club Aqua Park, we will bring it to you through this blog!
If you’d like to take a look at the available models, head over to our Encore Club Villas collection for rates and prices.

Encore Club At Reunion Resort – Update July 2015

Just in today, we have a brand new set of images for the Encore Club resort currently under way over towards the east side of Reunion Resort.
The images show another great step up in the construction of the homes, and additionally, some significant structural work over at the clubhouse.
The first homes are due to be released later in the fall and we will bring more on that very soon!

Now even Closer to Disney, Closer to Reunion, and also within easy reach of all major attractions!

Vacation guests staying at The Encore Club at Reunion will be even closer than ever to all of the fun, thanks to the courtesy shuttle service that Encore will be providing.  Best of all, it will be entirely free of charge to guests!
Further details of the shuttle service will be coming soon, but from what we understand, the service will take guests into Reunion Resort, and to the main Orlando attractions at several times a day!

Encore Club Aerial Image

Our favorite angle! VERY CLOSE TO DISNEY!! Just out of view at the top of this image, is the 192, bordering Walt Disney World!

ENC_7.22.15_2 ENC_7.22.15_1


Aerial View Of The Encore Club Orlando Site

Some great progress is being made on the Encore Club at Reunion as more areas of the resort come out of the ground.
In addition to the row of homes beside Old Lake Wilson Rd, we can now see homes along the north side of the resort along Sinclair Rd and around the small lake near Sinclair Rd.

Most importantly, the Clubhouse is already becoming notable within the development.
As mentioned in a previous post, the new clubhouse and enhanced water park is scheduled to open later in the year and will include unprecedented water park features, including a tall drop slide and two lane race slide for Encore Club members and guests to enjoy during their vacation!

Although the drivers over on the I-4 certainly won’t hear the screams, they will definitely know of the Encore Club’s existence, thanks to the significant height of the slides.¬† At night time, the distinctive clubhouse and waterpark might even be considered as a local landmark when illuminated and viewed from the Interstate.¬† Perfect marketing for a perfect vacation resort!

If you are looking to reserve a vacation rental home at the Encore Club at Reunion, please visit
If you are a homeowner looking for professional property management services at the Encore Club, please visit this blog post to view our fabulous deals for new Encore Home Owners!

Encore Club Aerial Images June 1 Encore Club Aerial Images June 2 Encore Club Aerial Images June 3

The Encore Club Amenities At Reunion Resort

Some fabulous rendering have been released by the Encore Club at Reunion today and we are beginning to see more detail of the scale of the amenities that are expected to debut in the Fall of this year.

The three floor clubhouse is already well under way at the time of writing (the third floor is just currently being added).
The vertical scale of the race slides and the drop slide can be seen in this image and will become a signature landmark on the horizon from the I-4.
When lit up in an evening, this will definitely become a noticeable feature of the resort, helping it enjoy a lot of attention from its prime location in the theme park area of Central Florida.

For Encore Club Villa rentals, please check out the beautiful homes at

Small Aerial Shot of Encore Clubhouse and Water Park ENC_amenity aqua waterpark_rear aerial_6.8.15[1] copy

Owner Offer – Encore Club Property Management


For a limited time this summer, we are offering the perfect way to say hello to the Jeeves Property Management Team at the Encore club at Reunion!

Enjoy a super cool commission rate of 20% for the lifetime of your contract with Jeeves!  That’s a whole 5% lower rate than the standard commission for the Encore Club at Reunion.
The first 100 homes signed before July 15th 2015 can qualify!


Enjoy a completely free year of Reunion Resort Membership when your Encore Club home is managed by Jeeves!
All Encore club property management contracts signed before July 15th 2015 will receive one full year of complimentary social membership, offering our owners access to Reunion’s fabulous water park, tennis centre and 3 PGA golf courses!
What a perfect way to start your first year with Jeeves and Encore!
What a perfect way to encourage guests to enjoy the most prestigious resort in Central Florida!

Let Jeeves make a world of difference for your investment!
Reunion Resort’s leading vacation home property manager since 2007!

Encore Club At Reunion Video Update

Here’s the latest promotional video from the Encore Club, offering the leader –

“This is the last opportunity to own your piece of paradise at the world renown Reunion Resort in Orlando Florida”

The video offers a cool insight into the close relationship between Reunion’s main resort and the Encore Club, which effectively becomes a ‘Resort within a Resort’.
Some great shots of the large estate homes for which Jeeves is the class leader in property management.
Also, the three signature PGA courses, Tennis and water park are all available to Encore home guests, (if the owners take out the Reunion membership).
The renderings of the new clubhouse carry a lot more detail in this promotional video, and we can see a clear hint, that the quality of the resort is going to be exceptional.  A cocktail in the lounge looks irresistible !

The 6 bedroom Kingston model is featured prominently, along with the 8 bedroom Lancaster.
We can’t wait to welcome our first luxury villa guests to the Encore Club at Reunion in 2015!