Some Great Tips For Better Occupancy!


If you are wondering how to kick start your brand new Encore Club rentals, we have a link here to the Reunion Resort Blog site, offering some great tips from the experts on how to get those extra bookings!

Although the initial Encore homes did actually complete around Christmas of 2015, it’s really only now that guests are starting to steadily arrive in numbers.
Although many owners might currently be concerned, the steady evolution of occupancy levels is not unusual for a brand new resort!

Championsgate was very much the same, and several years ago, the Davenport community’s owners faced a lot of challenges while they awaited resort amenities and awaited an end to construction.

Thankfully, the Encore resort’s Clubhouse and Aqua Park has been up and running for a few months now, and supplementary facilities such as the Tennis, Volley ball and Basketball areas are imminent.

Despite the appearance of September, which is notorious for being the slowest month of the entire year, the kids are now back at school, and parents are already turning their attention to planning the upcoming season of Holiday periods.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are all going to begin to see an uptick in bookings over the coming weeks.

However, like any other market, vacation rentals are competitive.
Owners need to ensure that they have ticked as many boxes possible to ensure that their home is booked, and not the home next door.

If you’d like some guidance, the article Essential Occupancy Tips For Vacation Rentals, is a great place to start planning those finishing touches on your home, and of course online listings!

Many thanks to McNally Home Builders of Reunion Resort for the advice!