Lovely Food at Finn’s Grill at The Encore Club

I’ve been meaning to try the food at the Encore Club’s restaurant and after a few weeks of operation I was really pleased that I finally got chance to grab a few moments and enjoy one of the dishes on offer.  

For around the $12 or so that I had with me in cash, I wasn’t banking on getting much more than a sandwich and soda, considering the upscale private club setting.  

As I glanced over the smart graphic display above the counter, I noticed a couple of things; nice looking food photography and very low prices.  I have to admit that I was dubious that low prices and good food would be in my flavor.  

I opted for the fresh thin crust hand made pepperoni flatbread, fries and soda.      

Amazingly, less than 15 mins later, my server smiles proudly as he rocked up to my table with everything I’d ordered.  

My initial impressions were; “wow, at least the food matches the great photography!”

If first impressions count, second impressions count even more when you are a hungry foodie like me. 

The handmade rectangular pizza was perfect. Thin crust, nicely crisp but not burned, a good balance of sauce, cheese and meat.  A very rare treat in a state that is overloaded with terrible versions of this family favorite.  

The fries?  Sure they were really nice. Not the usual over seasoned fast food fries but they did have a light crunchy coating that added texture and flavor without spoiling the spirit of this ever popular side. 

Overall, I deliberately opted for a quick, simple dish, but dined happily on something that an upscale downtown Bistro would have been proud of!