Encore Clubhouse Menus – First Look!

As the clubhouse opening draws closer, the amenity is practically complete now, and just a few minor tweaks before the main building, reception and Aqua Park opens up for the first guests of 2016!

In the meantime, we thought we’d share some tasty insights into the mouth watering quick service and restaurant offerings that will soon be comforting diners at the Encore Club at Reunion!




We will leave you to enjoy glancing through the clickable menus above, but we will definitely be doing a full review of the clubhouse as soon as we can, complete with our own feedback and pics of the offerings.

From the very reasonable pricing on the menus, we can expect plenty of guests dropping by throughout the day as they enjoy the beautiful amenities.
For our family, we will definitely be making good use of the Bistro and cocktail lounge after we return back to the Encore Club Villas, freshen up, then take that easy, short stroll to the main lobby for some essential chilling out time!