Aerial View Of The Encore Club Orlando Site

Some great progress is being made on the Encore Club at Reunion as more areas of the resort come out of the ground.
In addition to the row of homes beside Old Lake Wilson Rd, we can now see homes along the north side of the resort along Sinclair Rd and around the small lake near Sinclair Rd.

Most importantly, the Clubhouse is already becoming notable within the development.
As mentioned in a previous post, the new clubhouse and enhanced water park is scheduled to open later in the year and will include unprecedented water park features, including a tall drop slide and two lane race slide for Encore Club members and guests to enjoy during their vacation!

Although the drivers over on the I-4 certainly won’t hear the screams, they will definitely know of the Encore Club’s existence, thanks to the significant height of the slides.  At night time, the distinctive clubhouse and waterpark might even be considered as a local landmark when illuminated and viewed from the Interstate.  Perfect marketing for a perfect vacation resort!

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The Encore Club Amenities At Reunion Resort

Some fabulous rendering have been released by the Encore Club at Reunion today and we are beginning to see more detail of the scale of the amenities that are expected to debut in the Fall of this year.

The three floor clubhouse is already well under way at the time of writing (the third floor is just currently being added).
The vertical scale of the race slides and the drop slide can be seen in this image and will become a signature landmark on the horizon from the I-4.
When lit up in an evening, this will definitely become a noticeable feature of the resort, helping it enjoy a lot of attention from its prime location in the theme park area of Central Florida.

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Small Aerial Shot of Encore Clubhouse and Water Park ENC_amenity aqua waterpark_rear aerial_6.8.15[1] copy