Latest Encore Club Aerial Photos Courtesy of Santa!

The regular Encore Club photographer took some well deserved time off for some festive shopping!
The Encore team needed someone to step in and take our monthly shots, and couldn’t think of anyone better than Santa himself!
Despite a busy schedule, he decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out all of the addresses and streets at the Encore Club in time for Christmas 2015!

Thank you Santa!  You did an amazing job!


In the shot above we can see the whole Encore Club groundworks continuing to develop.
To the bottom right hand corner, there’s Muirfield Loop, one of the prime locations for many of Jeeves’ large Reunion Resort vacation rentals.
To the left of the image we can see a clear view of Indian Ridge bordered by Sinclair Road and Old Lake Wilson Road.
Just above the Indian Ridge cluster, we can see the exit 62 off ramp that is World Drive; the main route into Walt Disney World.  (Regular visitors to Reunion will know of this this junction by the Mickey Mouse Power Pole!)


WDW CROPIn the shot above, we look North from the Encore Club as it rises from the ground.
To the right hand side of the image, the I-4 heads from exit 60 in the foreground to exit 62 about two thirds up the image.
Most importantly, Santa did a fabulous job of demonstrating just how close the Encore Club is to Walt Disney World!
If you look above the antlers of Rudolph (he’s at the front of course!), you can just make out the Magic Kingdom, and then to the right, EPCOT!
To help you get your focus, we’ve cropped in closer in the image to the right to show the Encore Club and WDW (right at the top) in the same photograph!
From the Encore Club to the entrance way to WDW is less than 4 miles (well under a 10 minute drive away!)


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