Some Great Tips For Better Occupancy!


If you are wondering how to kick start your brand new Encore Club rentals, we have a link here to the Reunion Resort Blog site, offering some great tips from the experts on how to get those extra bookings!

Although the initial Encore homes did actually complete around Christmas of 2015, it’s really only now that guests are starting to steadily arrive in numbers.
Although many owners might currently be concerned, the steady evolution of occupancy levels is not unusual for a brand new resort!

Championsgate was very much the same, and several years ago, the Davenport community’s owners faced a lot of challenges while they awaited resort amenities and awaited an end to construction.

Thankfully, the Encore resort’s Clubhouse and Aqua Park has been up and running for a few months now, and supplementary facilities such as the Tennis, Volley ball and Basketball areas are imminent.

Despite the appearance of September, which is notorious for being the slowest month of the entire year, the kids are now back at school, and parents are already turning their attention to planning the upcoming season of Holiday periods.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are all going to begin to see an uptick in bookings over the coming weeks.

However, like any other market, vacation rentals are competitive.
Owners need to ensure that they have ticked as many boxes possible to ensure that their home is booked, and not the home next door.

If you’d like some guidance, the article Essential Occupancy Tips For Vacation Rentals, is a great place to start planning those finishing touches on your home, and of course online listings!

Many thanks to McNally Home Builders of Reunion Resort for the advice!

Lovely Food at Finn’s Grill at The Encore Club

I’ve been meaning to try the food at the Encore Club’s restaurant and after a few weeks of operation I was really pleased that I finally got chance to grab a few moments and enjoy one of the dishes on offer.  

For around the $12 or so that I had with me in cash, I wasn’t banking on getting much more than a sandwich and soda, considering the upscale private club setting.  

As I glanced over the smart graphic display above the counter, I noticed a couple of things; nice looking food photography and very low prices.  I have to admit that I was dubious that low prices and good food would be in my flavor.  

I opted for the fresh thin crust hand made pepperoni flatbread, fries and soda.      

Amazingly, less than 15 mins later, my server smiles proudly as he rocked up to my table with everything I’d ordered.  

My initial impressions were; “wow, at least the food matches the great photography!”

If first impressions count, second impressions count even more when you are a hungry foodie like me. 

The handmade rectangular pizza was perfect. Thin crust, nicely crisp but not burned, a good balance of sauce, cheese and meat.  A very rare treat in a state that is overloaded with terrible versions of this family favorite.  

The fries?  Sure they were really nice. Not the usual over seasoned fast food fries but they did have a light crunchy coating that added texture and flavor without spoiling the spirit of this ever popular side. 

Overall, I deliberately opted for a quick, simple dish, but dined happily on something that an upscale downtown Bistro would have been proud of!

Encore Club Amenity Operating Hours!

Although the Encore Club at Reunion’s operating hours may change from time to time, we are pleased to see that the latest information from the Encore Club is looking good for guests hoping to make full use of the new amenities when they open in the near future!

Some quick facts

  • Encore Club Main Phone 407.308.0508
  • Operating hours
    • Grab n’ Go Market
      • 7am-11pm
    • Finn’s Café – 407.308.0530
      • Breakfast 7am-11am
      • All Day Dining  11am-9pm
    • Shark Lounge  407.308.0520
      • Bar Service 11am-11pm
    • Fitness Center
      • 7am-11pm
    • Guest Services 407.308.0508
      • 7am – 11pm
    • Concierge Desk 407.308.0511
      • 7am-8pm
    • Aqua Park (pool,splash,slides)
      • 9am-9pm May – October
      • 10am to 6pm Nov- April
    • Sundries
      • 9am to 9pm May-Oct
      • 10am-6pm November-April
    • Bis Grill (Poolside)
      • 11am – 9pm May-October
      • 11am-6pm November-April 

Encore Clubhouse Menus – First Look!

As the clubhouse opening draws closer, the amenity is practically complete now, and just a few minor tweaks before the main building, reception and Aqua Park opens up for the first guests of 2016!

In the meantime, we thought we’d share some tasty insights into the mouth watering quick service and restaurant offerings that will soon be comforting diners at the Encore Club at Reunion!




We will leave you to enjoy glancing through the clickable menus above, but we will definitely be doing a full review of the clubhouse as soon as we can, complete with our own feedback and pics of the offerings.

From the very reasonable pricing on the menus, we can expect plenty of guests dropping by throughout the day as they enjoy the beautiful amenities.
For our family, we will definitely be making good use of the Bistro and cocktail lounge after we return back to the Encore Club Villas, freshen up, then take that easy, short stroll to the main lobby for some essential chilling out time!

Encore Club’s First Homes Have Closed

This beautiful new home will soon join the first group of homes that closed this week at the Encore Club. 

More will close on an ongoing basis from December at an increasing rate.  

Guests will be able to enjoy the resort amenities from Spring of 2016 but keep January 14th in your diary if you’d like to take a look at the resort up close during the Grand Opening!

Encore Club At Reunion – Slides Almost Complete

I took a brief tour of the Encore Club water park area today and noticed a lot of progress on the site in general.
Lots of contractors are in the area, working at a fast rate within the new homes.
Landscaping is taking place around the model homes and is really beginning to make the resort look like it is on its way to completion!

The water park area is very visibly moving ahead and in just a week, we’ve seen the water splash area and the new ‘racer’ drop slides and the ‘twist’ tubes are almost completed.

The adult pool concrete is in place (in the lower portion of the image below).

The first guests are expected to arrive in the resort, which is just 6 or 7 minutes away from Disney in early March!

2015-11-10 16.03.36 copy
The Tube Slide and Racer Slides under construction at the Encore Club at Reunion

Encore Club Splash Pool Installed

Today’s site visit shows a hint of what the Encore Club Villas guests will be enjoying when they rent with Jeeves the early Spring of 2016!

The kids’ splash zone equipment is already in place at the tropical themed water park and work on the vertical area of the drop slide area is also well under way. 

In the hot November weather, I realised today that this is really coming together for owners and guests alike.  

We will produce a photo update of the resort very soon, but for now, we hope the progress update makes you think towards next year’s fabulous vacation time!


Encore Club – Clubhouse Update

We visit the new Encore Club Resort on a daily basis and this week we couldn’t help admire the latest addition to the clubhouse.  The construction area is extremely busy, with pools going in, the first landscaping being installed around the first lots, and homes appear to be going up on a ‘one a day’ basis.
It literally is springing up in real time.

But the installation of the clock face added a nice touch to the clubhouse.
As the old saying goes; ‘time is everything’ and right now Encore are certainly placing a lot of attention on getting as many completions as they can.

We can’t wait to see that lovely clock from the pool bar at the Encore Club soon!

Encore Club Clubhouse